Cute Will Always Count

Don’t let them fool you one more day. You DON’T have to be beautiful, rich, thin, or YOUNG to live a life you love and love the life you live!

The “lessons” I will share here, and the homework that goes along with them, are intended to help you learn how to enjoy the best time of your life NOW.

In spite of yourself…In spite of sagging breasts and jiggly thighs…In spite of ads that depict the golden, glittering, happy, hard-bodied glory of “X/Y/Z” generation as the zenith of life and the sad, achy, wrinkled, dried up, incontinent, constipated, impotent woes of the “OLDER” generation, as life’s nadir.

Be SEVENTY, SIXTY, FIFTY, Free, and Fabulous………..Even if you’re Old, Fat or Single or…horror of horrors—all three!!



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